Building Trades

Instructor:  Spencer Bragan


The Building Trades program is designed to provide students with knowledge, skills and hands-on experience in carpentry, masonry, and cabinetmaking.  By providing live work projects, students are able to experience real-life opportunity in the construction field.  The skills learned throughout the program will help make the student more marketable in the workplace.  The Building Trades program goal is aligned with the Maine Statewide Standards in Building Construction and Carpentry.


Employers in construction literally build our future!  These are the people who build and remodel houses, apartments, industrial buildings, warehouses, office buildings, churches, schools and recreational facilities.

Construction is one of the largest industries in the United States. Job opportunities are expected to be excellent in the construction industry, due largely to the need for maintenance on existing building and the continued demand for new construction for both residential living and commercial business.  Construction jobs can be found all over the United States making it more versatile for people to find employment.  Construction has a very large number of self-employed workers.  Earnings in construction are significantly higher than the average for all industries.


Carpenter Helper/Laborer

Hardware Store Clerk

Construction Foreman

Construction Supervisor

Carpenter Rough/Finish




Construction Worker

Construction Inspector

Mason Tender

Building Trades I students receive instruction on the safety of hand and power tools, followed by instruction on foundations, floor, wall and roof framing.  Different sidings and types of roofing will be introduced.  Students will learn how to layout, fabricate and repair wooden structures.  Students will also learn about construction materials, estimating and blueprint reading application.  In-class projects include playhouses, storage buildings and other closely related building structures.  A six to eight week masonry course will be introduced, covering the art of laying brick and block, and chimney construction

Building Trades II students will receive instruction on interior finishing.  This work will include trim work, moldings and interior installation of doors and windows.  Sheet rock and other wall finishing will also be covered. A six-to-eight-week cabinetmaking course will be introduced, covering the basic construction of a cabinet.  A variety of service projects are constructed in response to local demands and needs.  Community service projects may be included to provide on the job training.

Dual Enrollment Agreements for College Credit include:

Northern Maine Community College:

TEC111 Building Science I (3 credits)

SAE117 Occupational Safety (1 credit)

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