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Combining academics and applied learning is an integral part of the Business Technology Program at Presque Isle Regional Career and Technical Center. The curriculum prepares students for success in three distinct postsecondary career paths – Business Management, Information Technology and Business Media.

Dual enrollment courses have become an integral part of our program. Our current articulation agreement with NMCC makes it possible for us to offer seven college level courses that count for both high school credit and college credits.  NMCC waives the tuition cost.  Students only pay a small registration fee and furnish their own book.  Students earning a C average or better may be able to transfer the credits to the college that they choose to attend.  Most colleges accept the transfer of 100-level courses.  Another advantage with this program is that you have a school year to complete a one semester college course.  This is a great way to get a head start on your college career.


Certain jobs in the field are expected to increase at a greater average rate.   Administrative and information support managers will be needed to coordinate an increasing amount of support work and ensure that technology is applied and running properly.  Accountant and auditor job openings will occur from growth within the industry.  Job growth will be fueled primarily by the increasing levels of investment in securities and commodities in the global marketplace for anyone interested in the financial industry. People working in finances and investments provide investment analysis and guidance to help businesses and individuals with their investment decisions. People with careers in management and entrepreneurship formulate policies and direct the operations of businesses and corporations.


Chief Executive Officer General Manager
Entrepreneur Public Relations Manager
Human Resources Manager Store Manager
Account Executive Bookkeeper
Retail Sales Specialist Financial Director
Accountant Customer Service Supervisor

Accounting Principles Individuals and businesses have a lot in common when it comes to money. Both earn it, spend it, save it, invest it and keep track of it. Keeping track of it is the most important choice one can make. Accounting Principles will give students the knowledge and skill to help them make both business and personal decisions.

Business Lab The primary function of the lab is to provide students with another opportunity to fit a business technology course into their schedule.  Business Lab provides several different opportunities most of which involve independent study. Business Lab is also a place where a student may, through independent study, take an accounting class or the entrepreneurship class that would not fit into their schedule.

Business Mathematics-BUS 115 (3 College Credits) This course is designed to provide solid, practical and current coverage of the mathematical topics students must master to succeed in life and business today.  Students will develop the computational and vocabulary skills necessary for retailing, marketing, accounting, business management, and finance.

Customer Service-BUS 106 (3 College Credits) A loyal customer base is one of an organization’s most important assets.  This course covers the concepts and skills needed for success in business careers.  Emphasis is given to dealing with customer service and handling conflicts and stress.

Entrepreneurship-BUS 109 (3 College Credits) Do you think that you would like to work for yourself? Are you willing to take the risk? Would you like to learn what it takes to start and operate a business? This course will tell you about the opportunities for small business ownership and help you develop the necessary planning skills. Preparing a business plan will be a course requirement.

Introduction to Business-This course is being offered to Presque Isle High School sophomores that are interested in the business world.  See your counselor for more information.

Introduction to Business-BUS 101 (3 College Credits) Introduces students to the environment in which business is transacted by presenting an overview of functional areas of business and the basic concepts of the business world.

Introduction to Micro Computer Applications-CIS 113 (3 College Credits) Provides students with a working knowledge of the operating system, word processing and presentation graphics using Microsoft Office.  Coverage of the operating system will include working with and organizing files, personalizing the Windows environment, and managing the Windows 8 operating system.

Marketing Provides an overview of the marketing skills and techniques used in product planning and promotion.  Explores the strategy behind and implementation of a marketing plan, while covering consumer behavior, product life-cycle, marketing communications and pricing tactics.

Personal Finance-BUS 114 (3 College Credits) Designed to help individuals analyze and direct their own financial affairs.  Students will practice and apply skills to begin a lifelong journey of personal financial planning.  This course will provide strategies for managing personal financial resources, buying decisions, insurance, investing, and retirement planning.

Principles of Accounting I-ACC 111 (4 College Credits) This is an introductory course teaching the fundamental principles of accounting.  Emphasis is on developing technical procedures of the accounting cycle including journalizing, posting, adjusting entries, closing books and preparing financial statements.

Dual Enrollment Agreements for College Credit include:

Northern Maine Community College:

ACC 111 Principles of Accounting (4 credits)

CIS 113 Introduction to Computer Applications (3 credits)

BUS 101 Introduction to Business (3 credits)

BUS 114 Personal Finance (3 credits)

BUS 109 Entrepreneurship (3 credits)

BUS 115 Business Math (3 credits)

BUS 106 Customer Service (3 credits)

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